About Us


Mark loves Atlantic City with its world-class cuisine and family vacation options. He’s spent plenty of time at our resort’s beaches, so it came as no surprise when he decided to open Atlantic City Bottle Company, offering all that is craft beverage to-go or to enjoy in the relaxing bar & lounge. Although Mark’s professional background is in commercial lending and real estate, his real passion is for craft beverages and fresh cuisine. A few years ago Mark began spending time seeking a space where he could realize his dream of the perfect pairing of shop and lounge.

During his search, he was able to hone in on his ideas for the business and make the dream a reality. After searching for two years, Mark chose North Albany Avenue in Atlantic City as the best place for local residents and visitors to experience the food and drink that are so near to his heart. He enjoys the camaraderie that comes with drinking and sharing wine and whiskey with friends and strangers alike. Mark takes pleasure in knowing he is positively adding to your experience; hoping to make your life a little more interesting with each introduction to the aroma and taste of a new bottle or seasonal menu item. Mark has WSETs Advanced Certificate with Merit, designating him a Wine Expert. Mark made the choice to pursue an education in wine to better understand how best to bring his dream to life. Come and: SHOP. TASTE. LEARN. ENJOY.


Susan Hesleitner is the founder and lead instructor of the New Jersey Wine School. Prior to opening her school, Susan worked as a Retail Wine Specialist, assisting clients in the selection of their ideal wines. Susan loves meeting people who share her passion for wine.

Susan began her wine career ten years ago as a Tour Guide for Millbrook Winery and Vineyards in Millbrook, NY. As a Wine Associate for Vino Volo restaurant at JFK Airport, she expanded her client base to an international one.

She holds a Diploma from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust in London, England. Susan lives in Port Jervis, NY, with her husband and pets.


Atlantic City Bottle Company’s continually evolving menu is crafted regularly by Executive Chef Kevin Cronin. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to a family with deep roots in the Pitt-Ohio Valley, Chef Kevin’s cultural background (rich in Polish-Russian culture that make up Ukrainian cuisine) piqued his interest in the culinary arts at an early age. As a child, Kevin spent his time watching the women of his family gather in the kitchen during holidays to prepare meals from scratch. The food prepared consisted mostly of hunters’ stews and game meats based on regional American cuisine, from smoking and drying meats, to the eclectic and sometimes strange cuisine of the Shaker Communities of Ohio, to the pickling and preserving techniques of the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Through his career, Chef Kevin has had unique experiences from working with several talented chefs in New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York, and Costa Rica. Whether he was a saucier at a monstrously large French restaurant or an obsessively clean sous chef for a private club, Kevin always had someone watching over him and guiding his career. In New York, Kevin was employed by Chef Wesley Wobles at the famed Chelsea eatery, Porter’s. There Kevin refined his creative skills by working in a rather eccentric atmosphere. After his stint at W. Wobles, Kevin spent the summer at home in Southern New Jersey, working as the Executive Chef of The Seagate Landing in Avalon. After the busy summer season, Kevin returned to New York City and began working at Wild Edibles. He was groomed to eventually run the establishment as Executive Chef. Employing his uniquely formulated skill set, Chef Kevin designs delicious menus with only the freshest ingredients for The Iron Room, grabs inspiration from tapas bars and gastropubs, and incorporates his own brand of New American Cuisine.