Mark Callazzo

Mark loves Atlantic City with its world-class cuisine and family vacation options. He’s spent plenty of time at our resort’s beaches, so it came as no surprise when he decided to open Atlantic City Bottle Company, offering all that is craft beverage to-go or to enjoy in the relaxing bar & lounge. Although Mark’s professional background is in commercial lending and real estate, his real passion is for craft beverages and fresh cuisine. A few years ago Mark began spending time seeking a space where he could realize his dream of the perfect pairing of shop and lounge.

During his search, he was able to hone in on his ideas for the business and make the dream a reality. After searching for two years, Mark chose North Albany Avenue in Atlantic City as the best place for local residents and visitors to experience the food and drink that are so near to his heart. He enjoys the camaraderie that comes with drinking and sharing wine and whiskey with friends and strangers alike. Mark takes pleasure in knowing he is positively adding to your experience; hoping to make your life a little more interesting with each introduction to the aroma and taste of a new bottle or seasonal menu item. Mark has WSETs Advanced Certificate with Merit, designating him a Wine Expert. Mark made the choice to pursue an education in wine to better understand how best to bring his dream to life. Come and: SHOP. TASTE. LEARN. ENJOY.