Rare Les Antiquaires du Cognac

Atlantic City Bottle Company and Iron Room are proud to be able to offer its customers Les Antiquaires du Cognac. These bottles are handcrafted with care, each bottle is numbered and each label is hand written by a calligrapher. These Cognacs are a true labor of love.


What else makes this Cognac so unique?

1. All other distillers in this premium category use purchased distillates and follow a specific recipe blending many barrels and many vintages. Les Antiqueaires du Cognac uses only specific barrels that are never blended or altered in any way and can be traced down to each specific vineyard.

2. They are bottled to order and then flown to the distributor. Once the stock of each specific vintage Cognac is depleted it is gone forever.

3. In order to be called vintage the barrels are sealed with wax, dated, and certified by a lawyer. When they want to open them they also need a lawyer to be there as witness during the entire process and to see them sealed again.

4. The bottles are stored at secret cellar locations across the cognac region.

Each bottle has a retail price of $3,800.
The following are available for purchase:
*Fins Bois 1973 – 4,000 bottles produced
*Petite Champagne 1968 – 2,000 bottles produced – estate fruit
*Borderies hors d’Age – 150 bottles produced
*Grand Champagne 1968 – 900 bottles produced
*Grand Champagne Hors d’age – 2,700 bottles produced – estate fruit

**Please note these bottles are shipped directly from the distillery and shipping will take about 20 days to receive after purchase.

If you are interested in purchasing a bottle please either come by or contact Atlantic City Bottle Company at info@acbottlecompany.com or 609-348-6400.